wpid-20140121_103751.jpgwatching “Being Mary Jane” . Way to often have I heard Dark-skin  females / dealing with insecurities . Their skin is too dark, their hair is not long enough, or not straight enough. They feel inadequate in a world where You have to be light and bright with pretty hair or white. Society Plays a huge part in this.
IN almost all Shows you see there are perfectly Shaped Females, with med to light skin and long beautiful hair. I don’t even think I want to dwell on that, because that, I believe is always going to be a part of life. What needs to happen with those that have insecurities should really look in the mirror, see the beautiful person that you are, and only want to change because you aren’t happy with something that you see. DAMN society!! Damn everyone else!!

I grew up with a sister, who is a few shades darker than myself. She was so self-conscious! She didn’t want to date, dark men because she didn’t want dark-skin children. She put in the minds of her daughters that they are beautiful and much better than dark skin girls. How awful, right!!! My niece comes out here to visit, and she will say little things about a dark skin person, and of course, me being me, I scold her and tell her that is not nice. A color does not make a person!!! I explained to her(NO, I TOLD HER!!!!!) you may think you are the most beautiful person because you are light-skinned, and you have long hair, well your attitude makes you very ugly!!! Of course she didn’t like my words, but its the truth!!! yes, perhaps I was a little harsh with her, but I get tired of people belittling others because of their color, or their weight, or the way they dress, the way they talk, (you get my drift right)! I’m just tired of it… I have several friends/associates that deal with insecurities and I am the one talking them out of it. Trying to instill words of positivity to them on a daily basis.

As for myself, I love the skin that I’m in!



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