Try the Covers…Use Social media

Hey World! Yes, I’m back for  a minute. Geez, can you believe that 2015 is almost over! Boy oh boy time definitely flies..If you are having fun or not!

So listen, here is the problem that I have been facing. I may have mentioned a couple of times that my children have visions of;my son-being an entertainer and my daughter owning her own online bakery. These visions are so different than my own but I want to help them branch out. After all isn’t that what a parent is for. to help their child(ren) in times of need?

We all know that Social media plays a huge part of getting discovered nowadays. Everybody is using it to their advantage.I do mean everybody!! So why not partake in it! I am trying to explain that to my son and he shuts it down quickly! He states”I don’t want the easy way out…” In a way I can respect him for not wanting to take the easy road as far as getting himself out there, but that is the way of the world right now. I keep trying to explain this too him. He needs to put himself out there, his voice-overs that he’s done, the covers to certain songs he has made, he needs to post his work so the world can see his talent. I cant keep sending pitches to TV reps with  no works to be seen!!! Am I right!

So for those of you out there that has established a career via Social Media, how exactly did you go about it? Are you happy with the way things turned out? Would you do it again?

Ok, so now that I have requested a bit of insight fromy ou all.I am going back to work on my Website. Synful Beatz Management will be up and running sooner than you know it and I will be introducing my first client(my son) Mickey McVain to the World!

Thanks for reading…

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Social Media……The Devil in Disguise

Well Hello Again World! It’s been 3 months since I’ve posted anything on my Blog. Why the break? you may ask. Well, I had several things going on in and around my life..Some good and some bad. I felt that a mental break was needed. Needless to say, I am now pretty much back on point and I’m thinking, every Saturday, I will post on my Blog. Sounds good? Yes, I think so too.

Now let’s get started on this Social Media post of mine. Twitter,Tumblr,Pinterest,Facebook,Instagram,Snap Chat, Vine,periscope are just a few of the Social Media sites that are popular..Very popular I might add! So, what I don’t get is…..Why do people go on other Peoples ages, and talk negatively about them? I follow a number of celebrities and I see so much hatred towards them, their way of life, their appearance…..Then the ones that are bashing them are following them!!! Does that make sense? If it does please explain it to me! If you re so hell-bent on trying to bring the happiness down in a person, something must be terribly wrong in your life. Misery loves company right? Yep, I guess that’s it.

What we need to remember is this, the only one that can Judge us, is GOD! Well, he is the only one’s judgement that matters! Of course we all judge one another, I am at fault there too… I’m trying to get out of that, but I agree it is hard. Will I ever go to someones page and bash their appearance? No. will I ever talk about someone on my page so the entire Internet world can see it? NO! I will however, see someone talking BS about another person and I will comment(in my own mind) how insecure the negative person is, because I find nothing wrong with what the person they are bashing is doing, or the way they look. SO yes, I have my faults, and basically I should just keep my nose out of other peoples business, but again this is The Internet… If you put your business on these Social media sites, then it is for the World to see, and to comment on. with that being said; I am going to end my post here.. This was just something that I needed to get off of my chest.. I am so tired of people being bullies towards others. Let’s try this; If you feel like you are about to say something negative about another person, look in the mirror. Find your insecurities…It’s ok to be insecure , but don’t stay that way.. Find out what it is that you don’t like about yourself and change it!!! The World will be a much better place.



Silent Cries…..

Silent Cries…..
Should I stay or should I go
All kinds of thoughts begin running through my mind
the glare from the light
is affecting my sight
Should I speak out or stay
Silent! For what?
what have I don’t to deserve such treatment?
I’m fighting with myself because at the very moment
he approaches my window
I want to scream “why did you stop me!”
I don’t…
I am at a crossroads
Wait a minute, No I am not !
This is America
a place where I should not be afraid to speak out
Especially when I know I didn’t do anything wrong.
Snatched, thrown, knees in back
Silent she lays there
barred down by- the- weight of the man
what are her rights
what about her soul?
I wonder can he sleep at night knowing the embarrassment he
put her through
His ego was hurt
and now she’s gone…………

This is just a little something that has been weighing heavily on my heart.

They Dont Care About Us..WE need to Care about US!

Our Lives matter. There is so much violence going on in this World that we live in. It’s time for us to Stop the Madness!

Mass Shootings, Officer Involved Shootings, Child Abuse, Child Neglect..I’m tired.. So very tired of waking up everyday seeing this devastation. It’s time to make a Change. I cant do this alone. I can start the process, but doing it alone is not an option. By the way, when I write (They) don’t care about us.I don’t mean just the Police, I  mean each and every person that sits around contemplating death upon us.

How many of our brothers and sisters must die before a stand is taken? We can’t go into a Theater anymore without feeling some  type of way. Not being able to enjoy ourselves. Watching every sudden move from the movie-goers instead of watching the movie! I’m Tired..We can post hashtags about those that have been killed, but honestly what is a hashtag going to do. Yes you are showing that you care, and that the victims and their families are in your hearts. but yet and still that isn’t going to change anything!

I am not a Celebrity, I am not rich but guess what I plan on making some kind of difference! This is my world that I share with all of you and I want to make things right. I dont want to live in fear  each time I step out of my door. I AM TIRED!!!

I pray that GOD watches over all of us, all races,religions.Whether you like it or not we are all the same. We bleed the same Blood. Let’s come together and make a difference.. Not just by posting on social media sites, we need to get out there and make that change. Like Michael Jackson said,”I’m starting with the Man in the MIrror”

Morning Blues

Good Morning my loves,

wpid-screenshot_2015-07-11-07-06-58.png Yes,the title of this Blog Posts is “Morning Blues”. Am I Blue? Not at all, I am actually in a very good  mood, the only thing that is irritating me inside is the fact that I have to go to this mediocre job. A job that I just am not happy at. I know I know, some of you will probably state, “be thankful that you have a job”. I am, in a sense, I just feel that I am settling for just any old job. I do not like settling. I know I am worth so much more than what I am offered.  Basically, what I am saying is this, for those of you that are working just to get by, is it worth it? Are you happy? Are you where you want to be in Life?

My passions are Music,Cooking,Helping others,singing and Acting.. So, with that being said; I will have my Entertainment Management Company, I will help those that are seeking acting or music careers. I will continue with my blog and I know that one day soon it will be a big success..I just have to put more effort into it. I’m not looking for a ton of likes, that is irrelevant to me.What I want is contentment,feeling good about the work that I do and putting smiles on the face of others. Soon people, you will see my name everywhere. I believe in ME!

Abused and Neglected…. The Lost CHildren

Hey everyone,

I have so many things going on right now, until I have neglected my blog. Some of the projects I have going on are building a foundation for the Abused and Neglected Children of Las Vegas(soon The World).. There are over 3,000+ children in (las Vegas)the Foster Care system,being taken away from homes where they are being abused or mistreated. Starved, and not much being done about it. I have yet to do my research on it, but I will. here is what I have going on; I am currently planning a show to help raise awareness and money for this cause. I have seen too many children go into the system and end up in homes that really don’t care about them, they just want that monthly check. Now, I am not saying that all of the foster parents are after the money,I’m just speaking on what I know.

I have seen first hand on how the facilities are ran. When I walked into that room to pick up my great-nephew, there were approx 11 kids sitting on a run-down dirty carpet in the middle of the floor. I would say age range was from 2 yrs to 15yrs…The faces of those babies broke my heart. I told my children, “If I had the space, I would take each and every one of these babies.They don’t deserve to be here.. They didn’t ask to come into this world!” There were 3 staff members. 2 sitting at a desk and 1 who was holding my nephew with gloves that were riddled with feces . My first reaction was to grab him and clean him with so many antibacterial wipes, but instead we just hugged him and couldn’t wait to take him home to clean him up. How he got there is a story I don’t like talking about, maybe one day I will share it. Now, getting back to why I want to have this annual show, I think these facilities need to be remodeled. They need better support staff, and better training. Every penny I would earn would go straight to that cause. Yes there are organizations out there that raise money and toys for the children, but to me that is just not enough! The Government is doing a poor job of handling the system. It seems as though all they care about is taking away from those in need….

I am making progress on the show, I currently have 2 bands and 2 singers on board with me..Help me make a difference. If you care about the children of the World, let makes a difference together. I need your support, share this  post and follow me on Twitter @msraqci, IG:MsRaqci …. After all Whitney sang it best,”I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE…” I will have more information to come.. Thank you for your time…..

Peace and Blessings to you all,



I have learned just in the past couple of months, that if you want to advance in life, you need to surround yourself with those that are like-minded as you. I use to associate with those that were nothing like me, didn’t have or believe in dreams;which then brought down my visions of determination,my visions of being successful. Now at 44 years of age, I have to focus on what I believe in, what I want in life…what do I want? I WANT SUCCESS!!!!

Success-The accomplishment of your goal(s)… A lot of people think that success is all about money and fame. Although both are nice to have, they can come and go. Success is feeling good about the things that you are doing.. Success is making a difference in the  lives of others, bringing smiles to many  faces..Receiving hand-shakes, hugs and Thank you  for all that you do…

When people ask me what do I do for a living, I explain my current Job, but I also explain that I am currently working on establishing my own Talent Management Company,they (most not all) will say, that’s a lot of hard work,or you’re kinda old for that….Now mind you, these people are friends and family of mine stating these words. How awful, right?  I use to  care about the opinions of others. Now I tell them it’s never too late to start a new.. I am adamant on making my current life  so much better  than what it is. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the things that I have,I’m just not satisfied.. I want so much more out of life….I want to wake up feeling happy and ready to go to work..Right now at my current job,I wake up dreading to go to work..what does that tell you? I am not living out my passion, my dream.. {When you wish upon a star!!!!}

Thanks for listening guys….Have an amazing Day.. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t. YOU CAN!!!!