BYE BYE 2016!

Just when you think you have it all together, LIFE happens! 2016 was not a very good year for me. Once again, I did not live up to my own expectations!. I vowed at the end of 2015  that 2016 would be my year, and I am still in the same place as last year! SMH. Something has got to change!

A few Days ago, I was sitting by my lonesome and just thinking about Life. LIFE is what you make it. If I continue to just sit and dream, and not take action towards my dreams, I am never going to get anywhere! Dreams without actions, is just a DREAM! I want to see major changes in my life! I want to see my dreams come to fruition. How can I go about doing that though?


Mentally, I have to change. I have to stop living for others and live for myself fora change. I need to place focus on the things that will make me a better person. Like for instance my health, my health is fantastic, but my weight is not! That will be the first step to making changes, change my eating, workout more and stay consistent! Once I achieve at least one goal, I know I can achieve them all!

That has been a problem for me, I will start one project get half way through it, or not even that much, then I will stop working on that, and start s new one. That isn’t the way it works. If you start something, you must finish it!

2016, I can’t say that you were a bad year. You brought some good things into my life, but the bad outweighed the good. I’m dealing with that, and accepting the fact that some things happen for a reason. Accepting the fact that people come and people go out of your life. Accepting that no job is promised, you can be let go with the blink of an eye. I really just have a new outlook on life. My positivity will seep through my pores, I will continue to smile and live my life accordingly. I am leaving you 2016 with a bang, stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that I never would imagine doing!

2017 I am going to enter you with an even bigger BANG! HELLO LOVELY!!! 2017 you will be the year that I progress; mentally, physically, and spiritually. My foundation, my business will all come to fruition. I will embrace you with open arms 2017. You and I will become the best of friends.

Just a little note to SELF…

Have a great Day all!

Ms. Raqci



What is stopping me from my success? I often sit and think, or I will see others basking in the glory of making their dreams come true, then sit and think, “oh wow I need to be doing that!” Doing what? Something that someone else is doing? That something may be right for them but it may be all wrong for me!
The first thing that always comes up when trying to find your purpose in life is: What are you good at doing? What makes you smile when you’re doing it? What could you do all Day every Day and not get tired of doing it? Those are all good questions, but so very hard for me to answer, because there are several things that I love doing! So how can you break your talents into one ? This is what I am fighting with myself on a daily basis. I love everything to do with the Entertainment World. Acting, Singing, Dancing, Making movies, writing screen plays, modeling; but I also love to cook and help others in need. When I say “In Need” I don’t mean only monetarily, I mean in need of a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, some words of encouragement, words of advice. So, I ask again how can I possibly put those 3 things together and make a business out of it?
What comes to mind when I look at all the things that I love doing; Catering, becoming a lounge singer, managing other artist out there, acting, producing, directing…I don’t know, there are so many options, I just don’t know how to take the first step towards them all.
I know the first thing that most of you are going to tell me is to go back to school. Get a good education in the fields that I am interested in. Ok, I guess that makes sense, but can I tell you this; When I was in College majoring in Music like I wanted to do, I was studying about everything that was not pertaining to music. So why take a course when it’s not going to teach me anything valid on the subject at hand! what I am now doing and have been for the past 2 years is studying at my own pace, with accredited courses from online based schools. Whats good about these Universities they are free! What is better than free Education!!!!! I am learning on the subjects that I need to focus on.
For the longest time, I have been fighting with myself to let go of self-doubt. Thinking at my age I can never follow through with my dreams. Thinking that I’m not smart enough to venture into the world of Entrepreneurship. I am tired of thinking what my family will think of me when I make decisions that make a difference in my life. I have to start prioritizing my time much better, instead of playing games on my phone or checking my IG account several times a Day, I need to put all that time and effort into building my dream up. Networking with the right people, staying on the positive side of life, instead of letting the negative side enter my mind and stay. Negativity you can visit me but you can not stay! Say Hi to me and Bye at the same time!
It is now my time! My time to shine! My time to move onto bigger and greater things! No longer will I let the words of those that are not willing to or wanting to do something with their lives aside from working a Just Over Broke (JOB). Excuse me if I want more out of life! Excuse me that I want to be the one to call the shots, to take my vacation when I want to and not have to wait for approval! Excuse me for wanting to be at the top instead of working my ass off just to see someone younger and less qualified than me get the promotion I was aiming for! Excuse me for wanting the best for ME! Its sad when you have been with a company for several years, you see a position open up that you know you are very well qualified for, you apply, you get the interview but you are rejected. That was the deal breaker for me! Like damn, I’m never going to move up, they are never going to let me progress within this company! I refuse to stay where I am at, so it’s time to let go! Walk away! Dont look back! The time that I was spending on-line, filling out applications, looking for work was time that I could have been putting towards my goals. Time is something that you can not get back. Use it wisely. Put it towards something useful.
Today is a new day, make it worth something! Dont sit and procrastinate! Do something you’ve never done before! Step out on Faith!



Praying For our World to Unite

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been faced with so many devastating instances. Every time I turned the news on  it was one horrific matter after the other! Violence has been the forefront issue this year. I can’t understand the reason for the violence. Why do we hate one another so much?

Officer Involved shootings, leading to death. Innocent lives being taken away by the hands of terrorists, and yet, we are still hating on each other, dishing out disrespectful comments on Social Media, there is still so much black on black crime, Hispanics are killing each other, whites are killing each other. What in the world are we going to do once we are under fire. Come together that’s what. That is when we are all going to unite, love one another and figure out how to  fix  this issue we call Human Race. Let’s stop dividing , we are all one race, we bleed the same color. This ignorance( and yes thats what it is) has got to stop. This is 2016, time for a change.

Get to know someone before you judge them. Stop looking at the color of someones skin and determine that they are bad and just not worthy enough to even deserve your respect.

STOP IT! stop the ignorance! stop the HATE! stop the VIOLENCE!

People, our babies are growing up in this World. Do we really want them to live in a world full of hate and violence? My Children are young adults now, and they were talking last night about how their babies are going to have to live in this World, and with the Presidential nominees running this term, geez! are we in a World of trouble! We think the world is Fucked up now, just wait and see what happens when either of them wins. Especially Trump! (that is my opinion)

You may read this post and say “wow she seems a little pissed off.” Wrong! I am very pissed off! We are adults, yet we are acting like children. We are teaching our babies how to disrespect one another, how to hate. I never taught my babies how to hate, but I did tell them while growing up, you get respect you give respect. You treat others how you want to be treated. So growing up they took that route and was bullied for their entire school duration. Until I said enough is enough! Hell if someone does something to you and you dont like it, let them know! If someone puts their hands on you, damnit hit them back! I was not going to let society kill my babies because of ignorance. So now my children have the I have to fight mentality, when necessary. Yes, here I am promoting Peace, and yet talking about fighting, but sometimes that is what it takes to knock some sense into someones head.

GROW UP! We are all one, the celebrities that think they are invincible, that think they cant connect with their fans, the white peole that think they are better than everyone else, GROW UP! you are not! Those of us that feel inferior to others, stop it already! You are who you are and you are wonderful!

If we do not stop, We are headed into SELF DESTRUCTION!

One more thing before I end this post. Black Lives Matter. I have read so many comments regarding this movement. Take a look at what is going on around you, when it comes to officer inovled shootings. Yes there are other nationalities that have succumbed at the hands of the police, but african americans are targeted. Let us have something. Of course all lives matter, but at this point and time #BlackLivesMatter. So stop getting mad when we hashtag BLM, it is our movement, it is how we feel and to be honest, when we protest there are always more nationalities in our group than just african american. Pay attention before you speak on anything.

Now, I am ending my post here. I dont like feeling this way,especially when I’m trying to start my day on the positive side, but I just felt compelled to write this post. I wen to bed with a very heavy heart once again, and I want this to end. I cant do this by myself. We want change in our World , well it starts with us. With YOU! With ME! Lets make that change!

One Love





NOT ALL POLICE ARE BAD,BUT RIGHT NOW…..THIS PHOTO IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY! #Ifyouarentangryyoumustnotbepayingattention

SMH. That’s all I can really do! I went to bed last  night with a heavy heart. I had so many emotions filling my body. I woke up this morning with the same feelings. I am normally a very happy person, this time, I’m not smiling, I can’t post any happy quotes on my social media, because damn it, to be honest I am not happy!

In the course of 2 Days, there have been 2 murders( yes murders) of black men. Innocent black men at that! Who are the murderers you ask? THE POLICE!!! The ones that are here to protect and serve. WTF is going on? I’m tired. I can’t deal. 2 more beautiful souls taken away by the barrel of a gun, for reasons unknown. Oh wait, the obvious answer that is always given by (them) ” He was reaching for something and I felt threatened so I opened fire” Bullshit!!! LIES!!!

I want answers. I want justice. Something needs to be done about these senseless killings. Then the news doesn’t help because they will find every negative situation that the victim has been in and make it seem like they were bad to begin with. Tell me something, who on  Planet Earth is innocent from doing anything illegal? Lets be honest. None of us. We have all done something illegal once or twice in our lives. So stop making the victims that have been brutally murdered be the bad guys.

There are celebrities that are voicing their concerns, their frustrations their anger on their social medias, and yes I get it, they are busy individuals, but damn it ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! Stop talking and do something! Celebrities have a huge following, they have fans that respect and (hate to say it) but Idolize as well. So, if they start a protest, take action, stand with us , I think we could get stuff started. Let’s make our voices heard. #BLACKLIVESMATTER .Yes I  am saying that. Why? I am black, I have a children, I worry about my kids stepping out of the house just to take a walk, because they may be falsely accused of something, then have to be confronted by the police then what? It’s pathetic that I have to think that way. Oh, and please do not come at me, with All lives matter stuff. While all that is true, all lives aren’t the ones that are getting shot and killed by the police! There are videos on the net where white men are brandishing  guns, in public, in front of the police. What did they (Police) do? they give them several warnings to drop the weapon, after numerous times of telling them to drop the weapon, a shot was finally fired! But guess what, the guys were able to get up and walk. There may have been some limping or whatever, but they were able to walk. Can we say that for #Altonsterling for #PhilandoCastile ? Hell NO!

I also don’t want to hear, well we need to stop Black on Black crime!  Stop saying that! Yes its true, I wish we as a people, a race, could come together and stop killing one another over nonsense. When you think about it logically all races are doing that. You have mexicans killing one another, white people are killing one another, Asians, and I could go on, but I wont; That is ongoing and sickening as well, but when one of my people is gunned down because of his color, that is unacceptable.

Am I making this a racial issue? You bet your ass I am! White people can wave a gun around in public, in front of the police and they get arrested  let a black guy do it, he gets shot! I’m tired of hearing ,”I feared for my life” “I felt threatened” You are officers of the law. Here to Protect and Serve. Now don’t get me wrong, I dont hate the Police, but at this point and time, FUCK THE POLICE. That’s how I am feeling.


Breakfast….Not my Cup of Tea

They say “Breakfast is The most important meal of the Day” Maybe that’s true, but what if you don’t like to eat breakfast? What if you dont like eating  early in the morning? What if you really dont have an appetite until like late in the afternoon?

I know to lose weight you have to eat right and exercise. If you want to lose it the healthy way! Eat 6 meals (small meals ) A day… eat every 2 hours… eat as much protein as you can.. Wait!!! what!!! 6 meals a day!!! I can hardly eat 3! So as I began telling my friend this, he advised me to go and have my thyroid checked. Ugh, just another doctors appointment for him to tell me you need to lose weight. Tell me something I don’t already know man!!! Anyway, my friend is giving me advice on what to eat in the mornings and to try to eat at least every couple of hours. Now mind you, he and I go round for round about this. I know he is trying to help me but he just doesn’t get it. If I  am not hungry I wont eat, then it will be a waste of food! So, what do I do? How can I get myself on the right track to eat accordingly, in order to lose the weight and keep myself healthy?

I have been blessed beyond compare because I have not been diagnosed with Diabetes, High cholesterol, or any disease weight related. God has definitely been watching over me, but I know if I don’t take care of ME, he may put me in a position where I will have to take daily medications, or in and out of the hospital… I dont want that! Our bodies are our temples. We only have one, we only have one life to live, I need to really let that stick into my mind.

20160602_183214.jpg20160603_171107.jpgAs far as eating goes, I do not eat a lot. My one meal for a day could consists of a salad(2 cups of lettuce,arugula,shredded carrots, avocado,tomato,beets, beans or and egg) 3 tbsp of vinaigrette. Or maybe I will have baked chicken breast, with rice and broccoli… Only one piece of meat, 1/2 cup of rice and more Broccoli than anything! SO you see my food consumption is not all that bad! Aside from the fact that I don’t eat the right amount of meals per Day.

How can I change this? How can I eat accordingly ? I will have to really meditate on this and see what the universe brings to me. While I am doing that, if any of you have any recommendations please leave me a comment. If there are any weight loss stories to share as well, lease leave me your social media so I can follow you and see what you do on a daily…

I WILL GET THROUGH THIS. I WILL LOSE WEIGHT AND LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND FANCY FREE!!!!! HAHAHA, you know I had to bring a smile (laugh) through this. I don’t go a day without smiling!

Okay peeps, I have to get ready because I’m going to a Graduation Party. Happy Saturday!!!


Peace, Light and Love

Ms. Raqci

The Voice Auditions

For some time now, my son/my client has been preparing himself for the Auditions. The Voice has been something he has wanted to do for a long time!. We would check weekly to see if the auditions would be coming anywhere close to us.After a few months of waiting, Los Angeles Auditions finally opened!


Well this is it! We all thought. This is going to be the beginning of our new lives. Why were we so adamant on thinking that our lives would change just because of an audition? What made our thoughts so strong that our trials and tribulations would soon be ending because of the audition? Maybe  because we are just so tired of our daily struggles. We want this to all be over with.

Now back to the Voice. There had to have been over  a thousand people waiting in line. I thought to myself, “Wow, look at all of these people actually going after what they dream, of!” I have so much respect for hustlers. The line moved pretty quick needless to say and my son went inside while his sister and I waited for him outside. I was a little hurt that I couldn’t go inside with him because he is now 18 and considered an adult.

After about 3 hours later, we meet up with him and he is a little upset. He just couldn’t understand why he was told he would not be going through to the next round because he wasnt strong enough. Ok, well that was a hard pill to swallow because we thought he would be coming out with a red ticket. After an hour of him venting and his sister and I trying to console him, he finally said,”You know what I’m going to focus on me, im not going to let this one NO stop me!” That is what I like to hear! I like when my kids say No is not an option. They continue to move forward, learning from their wrongs and their rights. I told him to take the criticism that he heard from the Producer and run with it. Making sure he places focus on his vocal strength.

I don’t care what type of amazing vocal capabilities you have, if the producers are looking for something specific, and you don’t show that one thing to them. Count yourself out, but never ever GIVE UP!!!!

I want to see us all exceed abundantly in Life! I was greatness and expect greatness from you all! Lets make this happen! Lets make our dreams a reality!!!

Have  a Great Sunday!

Peace and Love from ME to YOU!

Ms. Raqci

Jesus take the wheel


Good Morning,

Happy Sunday everybody! It’s such a beautiful morning here in Las Vegas. I woke up this morning with the Sun shining down on me.Sending positive energy into my Body. I set my mind on point. Nothing but positivity and productivity will be released from me today and the days to follow!

I have for so long been living in the realm of negativity. Yes, I would get on my social media sites and proclaim positive words of encouragement for my followers(friends), but do you think I follow my own advice! Not even. I will put on this fake facade and pretend that everything is alright within my soul when it really isn’t. Why would I want to burden everyone else with my problems? I don’t want others to be down just because I am… Does this make sense to you? I admit, I have my good days and then I have my bad days. What I am trying to figure out is why I keep having my Bad days. Yes everyone goes through trials and tribulations,but lately my trials and tribulations have been ,WHEW!!! I mean to tell you the Devil is seriously working within my family.

Family, what family? The only family I have left are my children. Since the death of my Grandmother, this family has gone downhill. My sisters and I havent spoken to one another for 13 years, one sister bad mouths me,wished DEATH upon me and my children!!! What person does that? especially someone who is supposed to love you! She has turned her children against me and my children..Its just a big mess and I’m over it! I no longer worry about it, if GOD feels that he wants this family fixed, he will make it happen! I have left it in his hands. All I know is that my children and I have put ourselves backwards for so long for so many other people. We are always helping out, which is what we are supposed to do, but when you get backlash for helping and people are not appreciative, then why continue to do so? I mean yes we still help and always will but as far as trying to mend the wickedness with our family, that’s no longer important.

From this Day forward, I am giving my life to GOD! He is the reason I am, he is the one that can provide for me and my family, GOD is my all. No longer will I put trust in man, all my trust is in the LORD. He is my light and my Salvation…

Peace and love from ME to YOU!