Jesus take the wheel


Good Morning,

Happy Sunday everybody! It’s such a beautiful morning here in Las Vegas. I woke up this morning with the Sun shining down on me.Sending positive energy into my Body. I set my mind on point. Nothing but positivity and productivity will be released from me today and the days to follow!

I have for so long been living in the realm of negativity. Yes, I would get on my social media sites and proclaim positive words of encouragement for my followers(friends), but do you think I follow my own advice! Not even. I will put on this fake facade and pretend that everything is alright within my soul when it really isn’t. Why would I want to burden everyone else with my problems? I don’t want others to be down just because I am… Does this make sense to you? I admit, I have my good days and then I have my bad days. What I am trying to figure out is why I keep having my Bad days. Yes everyone goes through trials and tribulations,but lately my trials and tribulations have been ,WHEW!!! I mean to tell you the Devil is seriously working within my family.

Family, what family? The only family I have left are my children. Since the death of my Grandmother, this family has gone downhill. My sisters and I havent spoken to one another for 13 years, one sister bad mouths me,wished DEATH upon me and my children!!! What person does that? especially someone who is supposed to love you! She has turned her children against me and my children..Its just a big mess and I’m over it! I no longer worry about it, if GOD feels that he wants this family fixed, he will make it happen! I have left it in his hands. All I know is that my children and I have put ourselves backwards for so long for so many other people. We are always helping out, which is what we are supposed to do, but when you get backlash for helping and people are not appreciative, then why continue to do so? I mean yes we still help and always will but as far as trying to mend the wickedness with our family, that’s no longer important.

From this Day forward, I am giving my life to GOD! He is the reason I am, he is the one that can provide for me and my family, GOD is my all. No longer will I put trust in man, all my trust is in the LORD. He is my light and my Salvation…

Peace and love from ME to YOU!




Taking Back my life

Hello . Happy Thursday!

I’ve noticed that the Days have been going by so very fast! Which means the months, the years, and life is going by fast as well! We need to seriously take control of our lives and make the reams we have come to fruition. No more procrastination! Let’s make things happen!

As a mother, you want to make sure your family is cared for and happy in all aspects, and because of that we tend to neglect ourselves , we are the glue that holds everything together,when we are down it seems as if the house falls apart! lol am I the only one feeling this? We have to understand that we are not SUPERWOMEN! We must learn to take a moment for ourselves. Learn to relax , woosah!

You ever have that aha moment! That moment where you realize enough is enough and is time to take your life back! Not just back from your family but from everyone that depends on you. I’m not saying to stop helping others, of course you are going to continue to help those that need some uplifting words, or those that need a shoulder to cry on, those that need help physically, monetarily, whatever the case, still be a positive influence on others.

There are things I want to do. Things I love to do! Like Singing….I love to dance, I love to cook and I absolutely love to make others smile and feel good about themselves. So what can I do if I put all of these passions together? That is where I am stuck. I can always join a choir, or start a band of my own and sing at a lounge here in Vegas, I can sing at weddings, I can cater a wedding.. so many options, but to not try at least one of them is a fail. Stepping out of my comfort zone, and really getting myself out there is what I need to do and what I will do. Its time I take my life back and do what makes ME happy.

Peace and Love





Fan Girl on Periscope

Good Morning All! Happy Wednesday! We are half-way through to the weekend! I’m excited because that means one more week until the Voice auditions where my son will be auditioning.

Now onto what I wanted to talk about this morning. As you may already know there’s a social app called Periscope where you can go and share your daily activities with friends and followers. Like for instance Al B Sure has a show he does Monday and Tuesday nights called .The Secret Garden. This week I was able to watch both days in their entirety. Did I love them both? Uh yes!!! Al B makes you feel like you’ve known him for years! He shares his thoughts on Love, Friendship ,The Industry and Prayer.

Getting back to last nights episode. Al B was definitely on one. He was sexy as all get out and he was making all of us that was in the chat feel a certain way (if you know what I mean) lol. His voice is so deep and sultry, and oh my goodness when he sings!!!!! Lord help me, I was such a fan girl last night! I remember back in the Day I was such a huge fan! Today, it seems like that teenage girl is coming back when it comes to Al B. Sure. Thats ok, I’m sure I am not the only one! Anyway anyway, getting back to why I wanted to write this post; Al brought up the subject of friends. Friends that you think is your ride or die, your ace, you do everything together friend. You think you can trust them just because they smile in your face. Ha! Truth be told, you can’t trust much of anyone these days. Like if you have something that they don’t, the hater in them comes out and they do all they can to sabotage your existence. Maybe its a girl you’re dating, and your friend is single… You come home to find your friend doing your girl. Shady, just shady I tell ya!If you cant trust your best friend, who the heck can you trust?

As Al B went on talking about friends, and infidelities , let me tell you he was making me feel like I needed to confess some things. I have been on both sides of the coin! I have been cheated on, and I’ve dated a married man as well. He began talking about KARMA. Karma aint no joke! I believe karma has bit me in the ass a couple of times, for some of the things that I’ve done! You just have to forgive yourself, lean from the silly crap you’ve done and move on.

Finding love when you’re a celebrity. Al B said that he would like to be married. Maybe he should have a show about looking for love. A lot of us in the chatroom said that was NO BUeno! first off you don’t go looking for love. If love is out there , Love will find you. GOD knows who he wants you with and when he wants you together. It is GODS timing, not ours!  I think that’s why so many of us have failed relationships, we always jump at the first person that comes into our lives, and says they love us. We give our bodies, our hearts and our  minds to them; come to find out they are not the ones for us after all.. So getting back to love as a celebrity. It’s very difficult to find someone who is not in the same industry as you, or doesn’t understand what comes with it. She or he has to be able to accept the long hours away from each other, The Days even.. let’s face it, most women can not deal with it.The jealousy meter kicks in really quick. I hope that he finds love,true love. He is such a nice person and he deserves such great happiness!

If you have some time on Mondays and Tuesdays, take a dive into Periscope and watch Al B Sure on the Secret Garden from 9pm to midnight. He entertains you with his super sexy sultry voice, he gives great insight on certain topics of interest , he’s funny and just a loveable guy to watch! Hope to see you there! Mon and Tues 9-midnight periscope TV






The Fans

20160513_091229.pngThis has been eating away at me for some time now, since I read the post. How is a certain celebrity going to say that he is no longer going to take pictures with fans!


Let me start out by saying this; when you became a celebrity,you signed up for all that comes with it. Less privacy(well hardly any to be honest!),tons of screaming fans,asking for photos to be taken, hugs and kisses.But here’s the deal , if you respect your fans, your fans will respect you back..(well some)

I understand celebs have a lot on their plates, and are often tired and just want to be left alone. What I don’t understand is how certain celebs state they are no longer going to take anymore pictures with their fans. I find that to be so absurd!

Fans spend countless hours listening to your music,watching you movies, reading your books;supporting you by buying your apparel, your cologne/perfumes. Fans are pretty dedicated to keep your star status where it needs to be. What do they get in return? A slap in the face ( so-to-speak)Well let me reiterate…I get it that some fans are so star-crazed that they go overboard, ripping the clothes or clawing at the hair of their fave celeb, I get it..I do.. But still again, it has to be a compromise.,  don’t just cut off all your fans. The ones that have been so very supportive to you, and respectful. Thats not fair to them at all.

Now, whether you like to hear the phrase,”Fans are what made you” or not. It’s true. Without the fans funding your careers by buying your merchandise, where would your . moneys come from? Yes, you work hard (some more than others) and will probably say,”I worked hard to get where I am today”. No one is denying that, but did working hard put the money in your pockets? No working hard made that CD, that movie, the Brands, but  the money, the money comes from those that purchase the items. The FANS!

Honestly, just take a few steps back, and humble yourselves. What was giving to you could definitely be taking away!

For the fans out there…try to show a little more respect. Know that these entertainers are people too and it doesn’t feel good being pulled every which way, or clothes and jewelry  being ripped away. If they are out eating or shopping, give them the time to themselves at that moment.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!




Can we Stop the Violence Please!

Yesterday Marked my 45th year of life and for that I am so very grateful. I am Blessed in so many ways. Since it was my birthday , I chose not to watch the News at all, because I didn’t want to hear of any negative news. I wanted my Day to be a Day full of Positivity and happiness.

This morning when I woke up, I turned to Channel 5 news (FOX 5) and what immediately pops up! Stabbing,Shooting, Fatal shootings… Oh my God! was all I could say! Everyday I wake up ,turn on the news, there is always shootings deaths, that begin with altercations but end in  Death. What happened to the days when we fought with our hands? Why do we now, end our battles by the barrel of a gun? 635696931539090743-afp-532049401.jpg

Our Youth are dying in these streets. Yes, we post our thoughts and prayers on social media, but honestly we as adults,(as parents) we need to seriously take a look at what is going on with our kids and make major changes. I understand that we as parents have huge workloads, trying to provide for our children, making sure that they have a roof over their heads, clothes on the backs and food to eat. We get stressed but we can not lose sight that these are our babies and our responsibilities.

We have several Recreation Facilities in and around the Las Vegas Valley.. What do these facilities provide? A safe haven for our children to go to after school? or hang out in the afternoon? That is what they are supposed to be here for but sadly, bad things still happen. Just yesterday a fight breaks out at the Hollywood Recreation Center resulting in a 15-year-old losing his life to a bullet.

images-1.jpeg Guns!!!! I am so tired of our babies getting killed by guns… Vegas needs to step up and instead of allowing more silly casinos to be built, why not put up better recreational facilities for our youth? I understand the Casinos will bring about Jobs and bring more money into our economy; but um excuse where does that money go anyway? Shouldnt it go to the schools? It doesn’t.. This is what I mean! Our children are not placed first any more, they are placed on the back burner and it just isn’t right.

I am standing alone for this cause at the moment but I intend to make a difference! I am tired of waking up everyday and seeing death after death after death! Shootings, and stabbings. Fighting over boys, fighting over girls…Why has the coward way out been so glorified! What happened to fighting with just our hands?

“We’re in a state of crisis. Every one of us should be feeling a sense of urgency when we see 15-year-olds dying on our streets,” said Las Vegas Metro police Deputy Chief Jim Owens. (courtesy of I honestly couldnt  agree with him more.

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Today is a new Day!

Good Morning my beautiful people. Once again we were given the gift of life. God granted us another Day of life. A new Day where we can start over;where we can set our goals and adhere to them.

   Too many times we are faced with so many interruptions in our lives that we forget our goals. We put them to the side and help everyone else with theirs. Which there is absolutely nothing Wrong with that! But we can’t lose focus of our lives.

   Helping others is what we are suppose to do. Be an inspiration, to motivate and assist. Quite honestly,it feels good to help others. When you are shown that warm smile and given that “Thank You” that’s what counts.

    Often times you will not get a thank you or even a smile,the response you get will be”well it’s your job to help” or ” I didn’t ask you to help me” which grinds my gears,but I accept it and walk away. As long as I know that I was able to help someone.

So don’t fret my loves. It’s ok if you didn’t accomplish your goal or to-do list today…there is always tomorrow. We are going to face all kinds of obstacles; that’s to be expected. We must never give up!

  I believe in you! What you set your minds to do, I know you can do it. Believe in yourself! Love yourself.


The Love Coach….(not even)

Good morning! Well look at here, it’s day two of me posting on my blog! Exciting huh? Lol ok ok,let me get straight to what I want to talk about. Men…Men,we love them we hate them; we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them.

Why is it so difficult for a man to express his true feelings for a woman? He will send all of these. Subliminal messages,but can’t say what he feels directly. Is it  macho thing? With him thinking the female might not be as into him as he is to her. I have been wrecking my brain over and over trying to figure out the reasons.
Maybe it’s not for me to figure out. Maybe I should just leave things the way they are and not even try to be Dr.Phil  at this point. If my friends come to me with their relationship issues, I’m not even going to get involved. I have been getting involved for too long now and hell  I have my own issues! I think that if a Couple has been together for long period of time, and they care for one another than maybe the words”I LOVE YOU” don’t have to exists. They care about one another and that’s enough.( Hmmm,not in my book,but ok.)
I have a male friend who calls me quite often, complaining to me about his girl. Now they have been together for almost 2 years. Anyway,he calls me too get my advice  on how to accept the way she is treating him. She doesn’t tell him that she loves him back when he expresses his love to her. She doesn’t allow him to have friends in the opposite sex,when she still has her male friends,and he has to check in with her every hour when he isn’t with her. My first thought was,ok she definitely has some insecurity issues. Maybe she’s been hurt so many times in her life that she has some trust issues as well. I didn’t know where to take this,so I explained to him to just take it day by day with her. Make her feel like she is the only one in your life that matters. Then he asked me,”well if I do all of that. What do I get?” I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I didn’t know what to tell him. So I told him,”hopefully it gets reciprocated,if not maybe it’s time to move on.” Yes that sounds harsh,but why continue to be with someone that just isn’t into you like you are too them.
I am not a psychiatrist,psychologist or an expert in love.. I’m just a friend who has friends that need my help and I try to give my two cents.
Tomorrow I shall have another post to share. Maybe about my own relationships maybe not..we will see..
Until then my lovelies,have an amazing Thursday,bring your A game where ever you are and don’t forget that smile😀

Peace and love from ME to YOU
Ms. Raqci