Too Serve and Protect……Our Hands are up!! Don’t Shoot!!!

to protect and serveWhen you see the Police patrolling around your area, or you’re driving down the street and you see the police car, what types of feelings come over you? Do you become afraid,nervous,does anxiety fill your veins? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

A lot of us feel that if we make one wrong move, we will be faced by the barrel of a gun. I am not, by any means,putting all Policemen in to the Bad Cop category, but we must admit, there are some.

There are the one’s who think that their badge says it all. That they can belittle you,speak to you in any way shape or form and also put their hands on you, but you can’t rebuttal..

How can we repair our relationship with the ones that took the oath to Serve and Protect? How can our trust in them be repaired? I think, will a more extensive background check, more in-depth training courses, with Psychology classes included would help a great deal;So, instead of pulling a trigger,words can be used,(from a distance of course). There should be rubber bullets used to bring the noncooperative suspect down, without causing death.

You hear a lot of the policemen state they felt threatened..Really, against a young teenage boy? Threatened? Hmm,maybe there is a different definition for the word threatened.. I shall do a little research to find out…(yes,I’m being facetious).

I am not making this about race,at least trying not too, but it’s a known fact, several of our african american men have been killed by either white men or white officers. I hear a lot of people say, well if you resist arrest, you have to face the consequences. So, instead of standing up for your rights as a citizen, someone who didn’t do any unlawful acts, but being harassed by the police, you are suppose to just sit there  and let them place you in handcuffs or search your person or talk to you in a disrespectful manner!!! BE FOR REAL!!!

I want to make this for all races, for anyone that has been harassed by the police.It’s time that things change..Enough is Enough!!! We need to come together and Make some type of Change. Stop  pointing the finger at one person or one race.We are all in this together! It affects us all..

Keeping up with the Who?

Keeping up with the WHO? 

The Kardashians never seem to surprise me, with anything that they do. So was it a surprise to me too see Kim showing all of her glory to the World? Not at all. I think Kim K got just what she and the magazine were hoping for, To interrupt the internet and place all focus on her. I am on all Social Media sites and let me tell you, each one was going crazy with comments towards the picture. Let me explain it to those of you that place negative comments on her page, she doesn’t care. None of these Celebrities care what you have to say. They are making money, they are staying afloat because of you! You watch their shows just to criticize, but you are also putting money in their pockets. With Kylie’s lip injections or whatever the hell she did to her lips(I could care less), the internet went crazy! They post these pics just to get the internet buzzing about them! Think people….jjust think before you go hater crazy on any celeb. What do you all think about this post? Am I right or am I wrong for stating what I think are the facts? Do I still watch KUWTK? Not so much…Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons? so far yes, but I am not to enthused with it…Again, they don’t care if I watch or not!

 Let me know what you think of Kim K’s photos…..

To Vote or not to Vote. ..that is the question!

Good morning! It’s Tuesday, Nov 4th and your last chance to vote.
I used to be so excited when voting time came around. This was my chance to put my opinions of who I think would make the best candidate to oversee all the important tasks  that I think are important.
Is the excitement an existing aspect in my life? No! Definitely not! When President Obama was elected into office, I thought things would get a little better for the Democrats. .It hasn’t;  So, why vote? If you don’t vote, that just gives the Republicans,  that much more of a chance, people keep saying to me. That may be accurate, but again what good is it? The President still has to go through the Senate for approval , and let’s face it,  Boehner is not going to budge.


This is not to be taken lightly..The Ebola scare is among us, and now we are in panic mode, when we hear or see someone sneezing, without properly covering their mouth.

ebola2EBOLA>>> Am infectious disease that can only be transmitted via contact, with symptoms of Fever above 101.5,severe headaches,muscle pain,weakness,Diarrhea,vomiting,abdominal pain,and unexplained bleeding or bruising.

There are 5 strains of the Virus and the most known is Ebola. The first case of the Virus outbreak was in 1976 and since then there have only been sporadic outbreaks until now. It is becoming more and more known. sick

There have been a few scares on Flights, where if someone sneezes or feels ill, there has to be a quarantine on that particular flight until the flight is decontaminated and checked for any of the virus.

How do we go on with our lives in a comfortable way without worrying about coming in contact with The Virus? Let’s not walk around with ignorancy…Lets educate ourselves so we can omit the confusion, when every time we cough or sneeze, we have to be infected with the Ebola Virus.. Those that are joking around with this and claiming you have the virus on Planes, Come on now, it’s not a joking matter. IJS…

I’m not happy with the fact that I had to begin my post with something of this magnitude, instead of something positive and upbeat. I’ve been gone for a while ,and this will happen quite a bit, but I will always come back to post my thoughts, on whatever topic I see fit to talk about.





I’M A FOODIE!!!!!!!!!!

20140927_155353FRIED RICE, WITH ONIONS AND CARROTS.(excuse the purple socks down below…LOL)

CHICKEN ADOBO/RICE 20140924_185916


As you can clearly see, I have been dabbling a little in the kitchen. I love trying new recipes or concoctions that I make up myself. Food is and always will be a necessity,so why not share some of my tasty talents with you all!

I have a question for you all.. Now, don’t judge me on this question, but who can share with me, the best way to fry chicken? For the life of me, I can not fry chicken!! SMH..It will either be still bloody on the inside and burnt on the outside, or burnt and tough.. I have been experimenting quite a bit with it though. I think the best thing for me to invest in is either a nice cast iron skillet or deep fryer.

I’m going to end my post on food here,  but I will try to keep you up to date with all that I whip up!!

Happy Cooking!



Is it really racially motivated? Even when its Black on Black crime? I AM FED UP!!!!!

I don’t really know how to start this post. I have so many things that I want to say regarding the Ferguson shooting. First of all, do I think it was racially motivated? In a sense. I was not there so I really can’t elaborate on the situation fully, I’m just going by from what I hear on the News. The young man had his hands up,,which in my world means, “I surrender”..Now maybe he started walking towards Officer Wilson, which brought a certain type of intimidation towards the officer, which then caused him to shoot.Not once, not twice but six times!!!! That is so ridiculous!! This is not the first officer involved shooting, either. They(Police) are trained ,that if they feel their life is in danger, to take necessary steps. So pulling the trigger is a necessary step! With intent to kill ,is a necessary step! Come on now… I think there is a level of fear when it comes to the Police. I mean you have to look at it from their prospective as well, they are out there risking their lives to protect and serve, but some of them take that lightly and just use their badge as a means of “I am right, you are wrong, type of mentality” ,so that means to shut the F–K up!! 

Now do I believe all Cops are bad? Not at all..Its not just The Police that are killing our people. Our people (blacks) are killing each other. I live in Las Vegas, and on a Daily basis, I wake up watching the news and what do I see..Shootings(murders) and they are mostly African-Americans..I am not making light of what happened in Ferguson, I am just merely saying that if their should be marches(rallies), and a come together mentality because a white cop killed one of ours, we need to do the same when it comes to our people killing each other!!!

The madness needs to stop here!!! African Americans have been fighting our entire lives..We still have to work hard to prove our self-worth to others..Let us come together as a race, lets start making ourselves look good-by doing what we have to ,to make a positive impact. We need to stop the black on black killings, we need to stop the nonsense here and now!!

Nowadays arguments are ended by the barrel of a gun..What happened to just arguing it out then letting it go, or a good fist fight? Why do we have to resort to senseless killings?

I AM FED UP!!!!!

I am usually positive and happy, but today is just a different Day. The real me will be back tomorrow!!!


Ms. Raqci



Depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods. 

Oh how my Heart is Heavy! I have loved Robin Williams for so long! Hearing of his death has made me turn a 360 in the direction of what I want to do with my life. Before I start on my post, I need to just say how Loved Mr.Williams was, he will be missed,My prayers go out to his family and Friends…

A lot of people suffer from Depression and may never show the signs… People become depressed because they have lost a job, their career path is not going the way they planned. Maybe there was a death in the Family, there are so many reason why a person becomes Depressed. Like I stated before, you may never know when that person is depressed.

Depression can be hidden behind a smile and laughter. That is why I look a person straight in the eyes when I am talking to them because,I can tell if something is wrong..The eyes tell a story.

I have several people around me that are suffering from Depression. I always try to talk to them but they always tell me nothing is the matter.. I don’t press on it too much because I don’t want to push any buttons that don’t need to be pushed. I just reassure them that I am here for them. If and when they ever need to talk , just come to me…

The best thing (to me) is to talk about what is bothering you. Maybe the person you are talking to is going through or has gone through the same thing you are experiencing and they know just how to break free from it!

People, this is my cry to you…YOU ARE NOT ALONE…if you have some type of issue, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be your shoulder, I will lend my ear.. I am not pretending to be a licensed individual, with a PhD behind my name, but I am someone who loves people(know matter the race,religion,creed..) I think this is my calling… I’m feeling so strong with this!

Keep your Heads up!!! Love Life!!!


One Love,